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Caption Contest - Stuck Truck

Funny Entries Received To Date

Mike I told you there was too much air in the tires!
Frank M. Once again Stevie Wonder forgot where he parked his pickup in the mall parking lot.
Rosie Honey, I know you don't want me to drive your truck, but don't you think this is a bit extreme?
Bruce You might be a redneck.... if you use your old Pickup truck as a birdhouse.
Jim Here, we get a rare glimpse of the mighty truck-a-saurus in it's natural habitat.
Megz Now honey, don't forget where we parked!!
Mark As much as they tried, Beau and Luke could never quite duplicate the General Lee's overall performance.
BR Bubba soon realized that he may have to tweek the hydraulics just a little bit.
Pup P. I told Dorthy not to take the truck!
Vickie & Dave Maybe you should get out and push.
Benny V. O.J. tries to elude the cops one more time ...
Amy S. The latest in "off-road" vehicles.
Madbird Trying to add some excitement into their 40 year marriage, Martha and Eric thought they'd try a different position ...
Skylar S. Now honey, next time let off of the clutch just a bit slower.
Jeff C. And I always worried about losing my keys.
Mary The rare truck-bearing elm in full flower!
Mr. Bill Oh for God's sake...give me the map!
Davon "I told you to GENTLY put it into first gear."
Cliff T. No I'm afraid a towtruck won't do it, can you send out a helicopter?
Titanic Clown This is not what i meant when i said i wanted a car with a 'trunk'!
Clint B. Next time, don't let out on the clutch so fast...
Rob Dude, maybe you should be a little easier on the clutch.
Robert Do you think the cops will find us up here?
Sarah W John realised his mistake in planting fast grow tress in his driveway.
Sarah W Dave was determined to get a good view at the drive in
Unknown I should have never let my wife read the map.
John G. Alabama Airport Beacon
Melissa Redneck lighthouse...
Tim M. Slowly recovering from his hangover, Billy's partying attitude quickly turns to regret...
TJH Damn those Firestone tires!
Ryan Barton When maple trees attack!

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