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Funny Signs

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Welcome to Arkansas

Water on Road

Wheelchair Hazard

Steep Road

In Case of Emergency

Hitchhiker Warning

Middle of Nowhere

Bad Translation

Welcome to Tennessee


Not My Kind of Friend

Silly Speed Limit

Keep Right... No Keep Left...

Lane Drop

Take Your Pick

Have the Kids Shot

Dick Cleaners

Nice Carrot

Keep Right

Anal Exams

Sheep Beware

Now Hiring

Move It!


Bad Way To Be Remembered

Don't Want To See This Movie

Sad, But True

Give Blood

10 lb. Bag

At Least They're Honest

These Should be Reordered!

No Hunting

This Place Gives You Gas

Is This Legal to Advertise?

Don't Drink the Water!

Hand Car Wash

Kids Don't Bounce

Unpopular Park

The Lord is Right
Scene From Deliverence 2


Choices Again, Please?
Bat Cave

Hope You Weren't In a Hurry!

Thanks For Warning



We'll Miss Her

It's Not a Secret Anymore

Auto Rock!

Bong State Recreation Area


No Windows

Poorly Named City

What Kind of Ticket?

Please Drive Safely

You Could Use The Lavatory


Deer Tally

Bait Sandwiches Anyone?

Spread Eagle

Hunchback Meals

Shoplifter Warning

One-Way Nightmare

Wash Your Hands

Good for Teriyaki Lovers

The Church Can Help

Poor Font Choice

Drop Your Pants

Always Open

Wax Your Beaver

It Finally Happened


Strange Combination

The Tongue

Now Open

No Poop For You

Only in Texas

No Ice Cream Allowed

Please Leave Message

No Thanks, I Just Ate

Proximity is EVERYTHING

Crunchy Feet?
Teach our Children Thanks For Being Vague Bigots!
Keep the Faith Cheesecake Lizards Diesel Sandwiches

Very Cheap Dentist

Extra Low What??

High Winds

Motorcycles Beware!

Is This Store Legal?

Hurt People

This Month's Specials

No Relatives Allowed

Abused Cars

The Jacket Cursed

Do Not Hang Signs

Yo... Skater

Babes R Us

Need a New Letter U

Pegleg Paintball

Free Pork and Beans

Violators Finger Painted

Master Baiter's

Goin' Postal

Weaving Cyclists  NEW!

Bikini Alert!  NEW!

Get Lost  NEW!




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