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Caption Contest - No Breaks

Special Thanks to Kevin Nourian for submitting this picture!

Funny Entries Received To Date

Amy S. I just need to find something to read before getting down to business.
Amy S. Oh crap. My last office came with a lid.
Amy S. Paper, paper, everywhere... but not the kind I need.
Amy S. Take this job and flush it!
Casey H. Its the new executive style econo-throne 2001 for the ultimate in office experience.
Srendi It was no secret where Johnny did his best work ....
Becky B. Hey, I guess everyone was right...the boss really is full of crap!
Chris R. Throwing his coat over what used to be his shoulders, John realized that "Montezuma's Revenge" may have more of a literal curse then was expected.
D. Crow And you thought you had a crappy workplace!
Deane S. Taking multi-tasking to new heights.
Amy S. I thought I was a rising comet in this office, not that I would be buying Comet for my office.
Nick Fearing unemployment Matt toiled days and nights without even leaving the room to take a leak.
Cliff F. Toilet - $150.  Desk - $100.  Computer - $1000.  The ability to play EverQuest without ever getting up - priceless.
Joao N. This was not my idea of a private office!
Dixie D. When they said i'd be getting paid crap....I didnt think they meant literally.
Gail After losing that two million dollar account, Ted's boss starting making subtle hints about his career.....
Mr. Bill Typical office accomodations for staff at the Ex-Lax product potency evaluation center.
Carrie I guess management meant it when they said they didn't want us leaving our offices for ANY reason.
Amy S. Nothing I doo-doo is good enough for my boss!
Sarah Ellen, the lady who shares his office would also like him to remember to please put the seat down.
Khristen Where's the guy in the next stall when you need him?
Joshua S. The new 2002 Lazy-Bowl Recliner
Frederick H. Hey get the plumber, Johnny fell in again.
Jeremy Mondays get me down in the dumps.
Melissa Uh oh...the Boss just bought a new Swirly 2000 for his office...
Nate If I ever see that "efficiency expert" again I'll wring his dirty neck!
Jenn I told you the coffee goes right through me!
Louise Szczepanik Head  Plumbers  Office
Chazzer You misunderstood the boss.  He said to "flesh out" the proposal...
Armagon And then Steve realized the best way to get the most out of his employees...
Tony Dillard Although "John" was unproductive, he did supply the office with good reading material...
Ashley Lawson If you think this is strange you should see the bathroom.
Magic Responding to increased scrutiny, Enron unveils its new method of document disposal.
Chuck We require all of our employees at Exlax to constantly use our products.
Paul Although John fully supported the new efficient workstation idea ,he refused to eat his lunch at his desk. He said it left a bad taste in his mouth.
A.A. I just can't handle this. BOTH piles are getting taller! Courtesy call, or courtesy flush- I can't do both at once!
Andy Upon closer inspection, Bill now new the truth: His secretary was indeed not a 'natural' blonde.
Mike It's not as bad as it looks. You should see the guy in the office below!

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