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Reiokan ...and just one more time on line 38a and the bike trade will be
Toby Can I have your autograph, Mr. Coleman?
Tim Freeman I realize you were in a hurry to get that diaper changed. But you
have to slow down.  Just sign here sir.
Chris James Dean: age 6
Ted You won't get off so easy next time you speed by me and flick me off,
Paul B I don't care if you are Emanuel Lewis. 95 in a 30 zone is still
a $250 fine.
Chiz Meeting the quota...
Mike W. The real kindergarten cop.
Reshma Any discounts for kids?
Aaron Sorry kid but I'm gonna have to book you in the McDonald's State
Matt M Toddler Profiling! It does really Happen!
Alex C. Okay officer, you take a right at Main, 6 blocks down you'll see the
Krispy Kreme...
Tigerj But Mr.Jackson said HURRY OVER!
Nina Welcome to the Neverland Ranch... would you please sign in...
John Butler In a recent event, this local officer was seen getting an autograph
from the NBA's newest top prospect.

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