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Caption Contest - No Pain... No Gain

Funny Entries Received To Date

Diedre You said to kick the ball!
Robert M. 2 Balls, 1 Strike!
Kyle T. Gooooooooaaaaaaaaaaal!
John L. Are you sure you kicked the right ball?
Rosie I told you, I didn't know she was married!
Bruce You said you wanted to play Foot -- Ball!
Jason T. The Rockettes go on the soccer field!
Ade Ha ha, missed both my legs!
Jason T. That's one way to do the Heimlich Manuvuer!
MTM Too bad Bill Clinton never played soccer.
Mark In an attempt to attract the 18-35 demograghic, soccer leagues around the world are instituting a new "penalty kick".
John ...and Jenkins drives one right between the posts....
Mark F. Another version of "The Nutcracker Suite" coming to theatres near you.
Dave & Vickie I still say you kick like a girl!
Paul How many times did you say we had to this?
Amy S. Riverdance gone bad.
Chris R. Still the reigning champion in the breakthrough sport of "Hippy Punting" - Dale Maris shows off his winning technique with a kick that went for 62.6 yards.
Joao N. HONEY... I told you not to do this while we're working!!
Andy Note to self: don't ask Bob for a horsey ride.
Mr. Bill Running cleats: $120. Soccer uniform: $75. Protective cup: Priceless.
Trinity83 Gives a new meaning to the phrase :"Size doesn't matter"
Titanic Clown James regrets asking if his protective cup will be protective enough.
XpunkX Just one more time I need to see if this shin guard was worth buying...
Brad F. I'm starting to dislike this game.
John G. Soprano School. Are you man enough?
Scott Unfortunately, the much anticipated opening night of the "Ballet-Soccer" Troupe was not as successful as they had hoped.
Bruce Brown After this experience, he became a Woman's League Soccer Player.
Jason T. When Hacky-Sack goes bad...

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