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Caption Contest - Typing Monkey

This very cool picture of a monkey fiddling with an old-school typewriter gives you a lot of possible witty remarks.  From the serious way the monkey looks at the typewriter to its very human-like sitting position, you just can't run out of material.

Funny Entries Received To Date

Webmaster A glimpse at the head writer for NBC's "Friends".
Ken S. Britney Spears hires a new song writer...
Jim M. The author of "Sex and the Single Male" chose to remain anonymous for obvious reasons.
Jason T. We're gonna need more monkeys and typewriters if we're ever gonna finish Mr. Shakespeare's publication on time!
Al Al Gore suffers from writers block while writing his autobiography.
Jason T. The real author of Darwin's "Origin of the Species."
Kim R. The evolution of the male secretary.
Ade Dear Mr. Darwin, I am writing in regards to the slur on my family name, by your suggestion that we are in some way related...
Mark When writing his novels Sir Thomas would often go days without eating a meal or flinging his own poop
John A. Man, they're gonna go ape when they read this...
Becca F. Welcome to Gateway Technical Support....
Russell S. Please repeat that last sentence, Tarzan.
Larry Our highly trained staff is here to answer your questions.
Lukey Luke The government outlines their new agenda for the forthcoming elections.
Shelley And this is Jacob the new speech writer for George W. Bush.
Binks All work and no play makes Jack a dull monkey. All work and no play...
Andy Hard at work!  The head writer for the Jerry Springer show . . .
Vickie & Dave "The experiment has gone terribly wrong..."
S.A. O. Jane Goodall's new secretary.
Denise And with a sigh of relief, Bubbles the Chimp finalizes his autobiography, "My Life With Michael: The Hell and the Horror".
Anna Ahh...another Kevin Costner film completed!
Benny V. "He slowly began to lick her....."
Bill R. Hollywood producers hire scabs to lessen effect of writers strike. Movie quality increases ten-fold.
Amy S. That's it! I'll call it   "Apes of Wrath."
Marjorie Told you this job was so easy that a monkey could do it!
Chuck President Clinton's new intern...
Aaron R. All work and no banana make bubbles a dull boy.
Chris R. The writers of Saturday Night Live swore off shaving until they could come up with a skit that was actually funny.
Annie F. George Dubya relaxes on one of those off days at home...
Nathan Dear Tarzan, my job as a writer of captions is most difficult....
KingArt Thank you for your inquiry.  We want you to know that AOL cares about each and every...
Jared Rush Limbaugh hard at work on his next show.

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