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Caption Contest - Low Rider

Funny Entries Received To Date

Paul Photo of Team Pick-Me Up: 2nd Place finisher in the Zimbabwe 500 Hitchhiking competition.
Jesse M. The citizens of Zimbabwe were in an uproar today when the government cut back on public transportation funding yet again.
Paul And a special thanks to the many faces behind the scenes whose hard work, patience, and support have made the Jamaican bobsled team what they are today!
vjc We have room for one more!
David A scene from Fox's new show: World's Weirdest Police Chases
Some Guy Now all we need is Oprah in the driver's seat to balance this out.
Sharon The Ecological Concerns Club has taken carpooling to new heights!
Bret H. Greyhound's "Friends ride for free" promo goes better than expected.
mp957 Designated Driver
Vanessa Brown ...And so the natives celebrated their triumphant victory over the
strange beast that had threatened their village.....
Daniel C Business was booming for the local taxi service... until they reached a
David L. Is this front wheel or rear wheel drive?
Mike TD In order to reduce the California Budget deficit, car pooling is
ordered for all State employees.
Cade C. The organizers of Pasadena's yearly "Tournament of Roses Parade"
cursed the day they lowered their entry fee.
Gary The WB network debuts their remake of the classic hit show, "The
Beverly Hillbillies" during sweeps week.
Smiffy No one could work out who was the first to shout "shotgun"
Jamie They were all having a good time, but little did they know that at the
next corner, Eddie was going to call the dreaded "Chinese Firedrill"!
Paul L. Bwana's idea of a portable dance floor looked much better on paper.
Ben G. Tony Blair reveals the governments controversial new solution to
reduce congestion on British  roads by 50%.
NDunlap Welcome aboard Harlem CruiseLines...
Ajax After some confusion, Enterprise Rent-a-Car dropped its 'We'll pick
you up' ad campaign.
Jenny H In the News:  Paternity testing for Britney Spears' child begins today.

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