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Caption Contest - Little People

Funny Entries Received To Date

Jason T. And I thought it was just white men who couldn't jump!
Ann Somehow I dont believe that Shaq is your brother???
Robin D. "Mini me" signs for Lakers!
Tristan Santa's helper on a day off.
Chris R. Number 14 knew he was out-classed and out-skilled -- he also knew that an elbow to the choans is the great equalizer.
Amy S. We represent the "Lollipop League, the Lollipop League, the Lollipop League...
Sredni There are just too many "tatoos" in professional basketball these days.
Matt H. Somehow, I don't think the dunk is a shot in his aresnal.
Gary R. Gulliver travels!
Jan N. Just imagine the cheerleaders!
Dyzzyah Life is hard. Play short.
KingArt Air Stumpy!
Robert Oompa oompa oompa di doo
Tim M. Pippen and Rodman remained unaware of the battle which ensued below their very noses...
Ben H. Don't look up, you can see right up Shaq's shorts!
Thee Immortal One The extended season was beginning to wear down the athletes.
Bruce Brown Finally, a basket ball court was put near Santa's workhouse.
Tony Dillard All was well with Pepes' game until he tried to dribble between his legs...
Dave Gardner I hope the Strike Ends soon.. These replacement players suck!
Eric Gutzwiler NBA Downsizing gone wrong
Ashley Lawson VH1's Where are they now? The "Willow" Episode
Roma Navarre J.R.R Tolkien's hobbits team up with NBA for the smash box hit "Lord Of the Hoops"

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