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Caption Contest - Large Glass

Funny Entries Received To Date

Bill H. The Doc said my heart would be OK if I stuck to one glass of beer a day !
Bruce Next round is on me then we need to go. I told my wife I was only going to have two.
Ste Even after resticting themselves to one glass of beer on their lunch breaks Bill and Bob found that they still were not the most productive when they returned to work.
Acton Well, you did say one for the road!
Ted H. Herman, the boss is never going to believe we only had one beer for lunch!
Ted H. What do you mean the mens room is out of service?
Jerry Make mine a double!
Hank I sure hope this Laxative works!
Marc And you had to supersize it!
Big Dave Well, this is one advantage of being 2 feet tall....
Brenda I think I just swallowed the goldfish.
Keith O. I hope they make ADVIL in the same size containers!
Frank M. Whata ya say more round then lets get back to countin' them there chads.
Jim M. The incredible shrinking man wiped his brow in relief after finding others with the same condition.
Fred S. I told you everything's bigger in Texas!
Ade The locals of Lilliput just loved Gullivers new bar.
MTM She's going to look gooooood tonight!!!!!
Mark Remind me to write a thankyou note to Senator Kennedy for giving us the directions to this place.
Todd I swear officer, I haven't had a drink to drop.....
Kathy L. Ed, I think I'll head to the John while I can still lift my bladder.
Ulises G. ...excuse me I thought I ordered a large drink
Michael C. Just slam it Captain, or we'll have to delay the flight again!
Colin Thank God you didn't order doubles!
Madskull Huey and Mitchell had quite a dilemma after downing a few at the WeGotNoBathroom Saloon.
Fernando A. Wait to see the hamburgers!
Amy S. Crikey! You were right...this is the best head I've had in weeks!
Robert B. I sure hope the show is worth the "two drink minimum!"
Cindy C. I said LAGER, not LARGER.
Brad F. Hey, I guess drinking really does stunt your growth!

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