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Caption Contest - Knockout

Funny Entries Received To Date

Andrew I told him not to call me BabyFace! My mommy said 'Knock you out'...
Hollywood Ladies and Gentleman...The "Heavy Diaper" Division winner by knockout....Slugger McBaldy !
King Art What?  At least I didn't bite his ear!
Gage This time Don King has really gone to far.
Chris White What, you want some too?
David Hesse But mom....I told him to keep his hands up.
Amy S. Try new "GLUVS"...the shock absorbent diaper!
Michelle Auditions for the next generation of Rocky films was going well
Bruce Brown Don King gets really desperate...
Paul Turner Fox's second installment of "Celebrity Boxing" aims for the 18-49 (month) demographic.
Stummy What'd you say bout my momma?

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