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Caption Contest - Gone Fishin'

Funny Entries Received To Date

John Holland Jeff Foxworthy on vacation.
Rayray That's the last time I book a fishing trip on the Internet!
Amy Sherman Streets and Sanitation hooks up with EPA to get the most for your tax dollar.
Ken I'm hoping for a late model Baracuda...
Amy Sherman Quiet please. You'll scare away the mufflers.
Tasha Ghetto Fishin'
Amy S. This is your brain on potholes.
Scott I am fishing for my car.  I drove in this pothole yesterday.
WyLee He can't stay down with three barrels on him, not with three barrels
he can't.
Cade C. The cover of "3rd World Leisure" Magazine.
Gloria G. A ghetto lifeguard on duty.
Mike You might be a redneck if...
Pooky George W. ("Mr. Environmentalist") Bush finally relents and creates a
new national park.
Darryllss L.A. Clippers finally get a transportation upgrade.
Tim Shelton New Orleans mayor, Ray Nagin, defended his pre-Katrina actions today, and pointed to the new market in pothole fishing in the French Quarter as a benefit.

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