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Caption Contest - Motorcycle Dog

Special Thanks to Kevin Nourian for submitting this picture.

Funny Entries Received To Date

Colin I know there are plenty of trees to cock a leg on - I just fancied a change ...ok?
Amy S. I've heard of road hogs...   but road DOGS?
Amy S. Dog on a hog.
Michelle It's not Harley Hog, it's Harley DOG!!!
Chris R. Spot, feeling like the experienced lover after his journey through 27 legs, 13 walls, 2 chairs, an origami penguin and an odd shaped rock formation, dons a pair of riding goggles and decides to aim his libido at a parked motorcycle.
Chris R. The coyote waits, perched upon his ACME rocket bike, for the unsuspecting Roadrunner to pass by.
Amy S. Well, they told me to stay off the couch!
Mark Not to be outdone by his neighbor, Rex "the trycicle driving poodle", Spot's life came to a tragic end when he realized opposable thumbs are a must for any type of motor vehicle.
Aaron L. The new series of Streethawk doesn't do well in the ratings.
Amy S. Exciting sequel to Rebel Without a Cause... "Rebel With 4 Paws"
Jan N. Hell's Beagels!
Cliff T. If someone would just put the kickstand up I'd be set...
Amy S. "Beamer" me up, Spotty!
Robert Planet Of The Motor Dogs
Amy Rover at age 7(even dogs have midlife crises!)
Andrew Blair Lassie was fed up with her old image...
Brandon Gilbreath A quick trip to to vet revealed that spot's intestinal tumor was "a little worse" than first anticipated.
Chuck Yeah, I've been humping bikes for about 10 years now...
Bob The episode where Lassies' cousin from the city comes to stay.

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