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Caption Contest - Break Time

Funny Entries Received To Date

Jack S. ON STRIKE! Support the Local 210 Fireman Union.
S.A. O. Wait! Just one more shot for the insurance claim adjuster.
Becca Did anyone see where I left my cigarette?
Brian Whats taking them so long with the hotdogs and marshmallows?
Brinda F. Ok everybody, say "Burnt To A Crisp".
Kathy Hey, do any of you guys smell smoke?
Jim OK let's draw straws to see who goes for the marshmallows!
Becca F. You know, I keep thinking there's something we forgot to do.....
Vickie & Dave Okay, one more picture, but then we have to check on the burgers.
Marjorie It's another Kodak moment.
Amy S. I just can't believe we forgot the truck.
Owena M. When Frank forgot to turn off the BBQ at the annual firefighters christmas party, the result was tragic, yet somehow stangly ironic!
Rita R. Hey, guys, Channel 4 is here.  Photo op, photo op!
Davon Backdraft 2; Starring: Mel Gibson,Tom Hanks Meg Ryan and Haley Joel Osmond. In theater's September 15th!
Cliff T. Are we properly backlit??
Amy S. I could be wrong, but don't you guys think it's a little premature to be posing for our graduation photo?
Clint B. The graduating class of Firemen's Community College 2001.
James B. Got Water?
Steve Hey guys! Find the tape that has "Burn Baby Burn!" on it!
Chris White "We didn't start the fire.  No we didn't light it but we tried to fight it."
Sally B. The local fire department has never lost a basement yet!
Bruce Brown Osama Bin Laden's house gets visited by his NYFD friends and family.
sammy79 The blind volunteer firefighters where not a big hit with the townspeople.
Anita Hey! Make sure you get the flames in the background!  We want the whole effect.

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