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Caption Contest - Big Couch

Funny Entries Received To Date

Brian I hate it when Gulliver needs new furniture.
Steve S. Marlon Brando's interior designers revel in their latest accomplishment.
Russell S. I told you we shouldn't eat those funny looking mushrooms.
Mark F. Which side do you think you lost your change on?
Simusss So, how big is the TV?
James And this love seat was made special for Jennifer Lopez.
Frank L. Can you imagine the size of the butt?
Pippi L. It would make one hell of a conversation piece!
Slade You think you could help me move this into in my living room?
Scott V. Marlon Brando's couch on display in Planet Hollywood Tokyo.
Brinda I would hate to see the dust bunnies that are under this thing!
Michael C. I know, but at least yesterday I found $500.00 in change under the cushions.
Amy S. ...and when you pull out the bed, it sleeps 20.
Becky B. Honey!! I shrunk the customers!
Pang. Jennifer Lopez's garage sale
Simon Well, considering all things are relative, I thought it was the only way to stop her asking the usual, 'Does my bum look big in this'.
Rita R. You know, when the ad said "Giant Furniture Sale".......
Justin Some assembly required??
Shilo Yeah! Some chick named Oprah had it specially ordered.
Amy S. But I can't afford the delivery fee!
Sarah W Fancy a pillow fight?
Jenny It is quite crucial to put in a decimal point when sending in requests for certain dimensions..
Lyle The remote'ss somewhere in here...
TJH You said this is going to Rosie O'Donnels house, right?"
Melissa Finally, a couch that fits Barbara Streisand`s ego!
Kiki Samuel Hmmm...I can't quite put my finger on it, but somehow it looked different in the catalogue...

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